Torch Down Roofing

Modified Bitumen (better know as “Torch-Down”) Roofing is the ideal solution for high-traffic durability and low-sloped roofs. Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems are extremely weather resistant, easy to apply and repair, and designed to expand and contract with the natural seasonal movement of the building.

Modified bitumen / torch-down roofs are exceptionally resistant to environmental conditions including harsh UV rays, and the extreme ranging hot and cold temperatures of Southern Ontario. Modified Bitumen / Torch-Down Roofs are also particularly effective against destructive wildlife, environmental debris and rot, and are the best solution for high trafficked roofs visited by HVAC and other building service contractors.

Manufactured into rolls to the highest quality control standards, Modified Bitumen (Torch-Down) Roofing Systems are a strong, attractive, and long-lasting choice for your flat roof or low slope roof in Southern Ontario.

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"Commitment to quality and service."

Mike H., Toronto

The Roofers Toronto team took the time to explain the work and challenges before proceeding. Work was completed on time and within budget. We sincerely appreciate their commitment to quality and first-rate service.

"Exceeded our every expectation."

Sam J., Guelph

Roofers Toronto installed a flat roof on our commercial building and the results are fantastic. We are very pleased with the workmanship and fair price. They have exceeded our every expectation.

“Knowledgeable and experienced.”

Melinda B., Sarnia

A leaky roof had caused damage over the Covid-19 closure. Mike and his team responded to our emergency service request. The team was fast, knowledgeable and super friendly, and got our century building roof repaired to top quality in one day. We are very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend RoofersToronto for your commercial roofing needs.

“Excellent quality product and service.”

Tony C., Woodbridge

RoofersToronto provided us with a fast, free on-site quote. The price was right. The service was great. They kept a clean job site and removed all debris once complete. Excellent quality product and service. We are extremely grateful for this trusted roofing service provider.