Flat Roof Repair

Get your Flat Roof repaired quickly and at a competitive price by calling Roofers Toronto

Do not let minor issues turn into major, costlier repairs down the road. Get your Flat Roof repaired on time and at a competitive price by calling Roofers Toronto.

It is important for flat roof repair to be done professionally and properly as to not ultimately increase damage to the roof. At Roofers Toronto, we pride ourselves on maintaining quality repair for any kind of flat roof to best service our clients.

Our team has over 35 Years Experience providing professional, quality Flat Roof Repair service which will remedy the existing problem and improve your roof to original standards or better for years of continued effectiveness. From Hot Tar and Gravel, to Torch Down, to Metal Roofing Repairs and Elastomeric Coatings, Roofers Toronto is proud to provide service to building owners and property managers across Southern Ontario.

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“Commitment to quality and service.”

Mike H., Toronto

The Roofers Toronto team took the time to explain the work and challenges before proceeding. Work was completed on time and within budget. We sincerely appreciate their commitment to quality and first-rate service.

“Exceeded our every expectation.”

Sam J., Guelph

Roofers Toronto installed a flat roof on our commercial building and the results are fantastic. We are very pleased with the workmanship and fair price. They have exceeded our every expectation.

“Knowledgeable and experienced.”

Melinda B., Sarnia

A leaky roof had caused damage over the Covid-19 closure. Mike and his team responded to our emergency service request. The team was fast, knowledgeable and super friendly, and got our century building roof repaired to top quality in one day. We are very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend RoofersToronto for your commercial roofing needs.

“Excellent quality product and service.”

Tony C., Woodbridge

RoofersToronto provided us with a fast, free on-site quote. The price was right. The service was great. They kept a clean job site and removed all debris once complete. Excellent quality product and service. We are extremely grateful for this trusted roofing service provider.




    Certainly. We specialize in repairing roofs of all kinds. No matter whether your roof is made of asphalt, PVC or rubber, we can get the job done within the agreed time frame and budget. Ask for a free quote today.

    Yes. Commercial, residential, industrial units—our professional team is up for the job. For more details and a FREE quote, please feel free to call us at (416) 489-7663. 

    It depends on the size of the roof, the quality of materials that will be needed and whether scaffolding is needed or not. All these factors contribute to the cost. We recommend you request a free estimate here.

    Yes, of course. It is a part of our job. Leaky roofs are dangerous because the moisture of such roofs seeps into walls, ceilings & switchboards. If you need any emergency repairs, call us at (416) 489-7663 today.

    As far as our experience, if you’re observing the following signs, it is the right time for roof replacement:

    • Extensive pooling of water
    • Large rips & tears in the seams
    • Visible holes in the roof material

    Are you experiencing any of the above situations? Get in touch with our team of flat roof repair & replacement experts in Ontario today.